Authentic Consulting has been assisting companies for more than 25 years with operational management principles using methodologies like Lean, Process Re-design, Process Improvements, People Engagement with Improvement and more.

By combining our national and international expertise through a collaborative network of associates and colleagues, we have enabled companies to experience the best practices derived from a multi-disciplinary approach.


We have extensive experience consulting in diverse industries including:

Food Industry


Steel Industry


Mining Industry

Manufacturing Industry

Insurance Industry

Forestry Industry

Chemical Industry

Footwear Industry

Building Industry

Health Industry

What our clients say

“The approach from Authentic is practical, not theoretical like some other consultants."

– Manager, Service Industry

“I like Jan’s humour, it helps me to understand complex issues."

– Director, Medical Industry

“I prefer the approach of continuous improvement for sustainability and Authentic’s approach allows for that."

– Exco Member, Manufacturing

“Authentic Consulting has really improved our business performance and it involved a lot of people."

– Managing Director, Manufacturing

“I can see they (Authentic) believe in what they do, they are passionate about continuous improvement."

– Senior Manager, Printing Company

“Their wise words of wisdom is like jewels, it helps me to understand the situation much better."

– Director, FMCG Company

“Authentic has helped us to break through our strategic “stuckness.” We have solved our strategic issues and the board is functional well."

– Director, Manufacturing Company

BEE certification

Level Four, 100% B-BBEE procurement recognition.


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